About Us

Who we are

At Heritage Lace, our passion is creating timeless designs that make your home unique – and uniquely yours. Your home is an expression of your true self and Heritage Lace can help you bring home to life.

Welcome to…Inspired Living.


Since our founding in 1983, we have earned a place of leadership in marketing our American-crafted textiles and high-end specialty products – including fine sheers, laces, linens, silks, natural wovens, crochets and embroideries.  Because it’s beautiful and an excellent value, Heritage Lace has strong appeal to consumers nationwide.


Our gifted Product Development Team begins with an idea, a solution to a market need or consumer desire.  The product concept may begin as a sketch and be developed and refined until the design is rendered in detail as a finished drawing or graphic.  The drawing is then translated into computer data which control the digital knitting machines at our North Carolina textile mill or into a design to be transferred to material by our sublimation machine.  


Our Marketing and Sales Teams create materials and a presence to raise awareness, interest and appeal through:

  • lifestyle photography featured in print and online media formats,
  • showroom design for face-to-face visits with retailers at tradeshows, and
  • our regional sales representatives that help Heritage Lace become the resource of choice for home décor items among retailers.


At Heritage Lace, we believe that cooperation and teamwork among our employees is essential to the success as a company. We believe that we will succeed and grow only if we provide our customers with the highest possible level of service. If we all perform our work to this high level, our company will continue to prosper and we will prosper with it.


Welcome to Heritage Lace…where inspired living begins.